Easterseals Virtual Camp has returned! 100% Included and 100% Empowered

Easterseals Virtual Camp has returned! 100% Included and 100% Empowered

Complete disclosure: Karen and I also surely got to understand one another once we both had been in nj-new jersey training with this Seeing Eye dogs. She came back house with brand brand brand new dog Jimi that year. We arrived house with now-retired Seeing Eye dog Whitney and we’ve kept in contact from the time. She’s the main one who alerted me personally to the historic anniversary. The celebratory concert streams totally free on YouTube additionally the Library of Congress Twitter web web page at 8:00 pm Eastern Time today, and I’ll be tuning in. The meeting is present at 8:00 a.m. Eastern regarding the Library of Congress YouTube channel.

Almost no time to watch at this time? Not a problem! The concert will stay on YouTube for just two years, therefore it today, you can still catch it later if you miss. As Karen claims, “If you want jazz, you won’t be disappointed!”

Every cold temperatures right right here in Chicago, we find myself questioning why it really is that whenever snowfall plows clear passage…

Beth whatsyourprice and Seeing Eye puppy Luna posing in a snowy park; Beth in a lengthy red cold temperatures coating and a breathing apparatus.

Every cold temperatures right right here in Chicago, we find myself questioning why it’s that whenever snowfall plows clear passage for vehicles, the snowfall mounds they leave on curb cuts and crosswalks get unshoveled. Think about the pedestrians? This informative article in Forbes claims it well:

Plowing gear exists that will sidewalks that are clear minimum as efficiently as roads are cleared by main-stream plows. University campuses and organizations with big and facilities that are complex them. But really cities that are few complete obligation for clearing sidewalks how they all do for clearing streets. And more often than not, either taxpayers don’t want to invest in it, or politicians don’t want to risk asking. Therefore while many the winter season towns and towns are much better than others for wintertime accessibility, hardly any perform a job that is genuinely good of.

Conditions are striking record lows (consequently they are remaining here) in lots of areas of the united states this week. With many individuals working or going to college classes at home due to COVID-19 regulations this cold temperatures, numerous People in the us are investing a shorter time inside their automobiles and much more time walking outside. Traveling on snowy sidewalks that are icy simply just simply take brief breaks from work, run errands, assist neighbors, or simply just get workout may be hard. And it is often impossible if you use a wheelchair.

We appreciate town solutions plowing the roads, however if they don’t clear the crosswalks, curb cuts and pavements , how do pedestrians get safely across to another part? Along with people who have specific disabilities, the rest of this U.S. populace don’t drive, including:

  • Kids
  • Lots of people age 65 or better
  • Those that cannot manage a vehicle that is personal
  • A growing number of individuals whom just choose to not drive.

Sidewalks and crosswalks are essential for people whom don’t drive. More from that Forbes article:

Then disabled people would have no choice but to endure, or somehow find a way to move to warmer climates if this was purely a weather problem. But the winter season accessibility obstacles may also be a practice and policy issue. The winter season will be significantly less of the issue if towns and towns managed to make it an increased concern.

Possibly we, pedestrians, all have to band together? For the time being, those of us stuck in the house in the aftermath of the snowstorm might choose to utilize our time inside to test away our cold temperatures security recommendations if you have disabilities.

Pleased reading, and hang in there — it’s all gotta melt sometime.

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