They Are The 10 redneck that is most Places In New Jersey

They Are The 10 redneck that is most Places In New Jersey

We utilized technology and data to find out which towns and cities in NJ are redneck heaven.

Will there be such a thing really incorrect with being called a New Jersey redneck? Yes, every continuing state has them. In the Garden State while they might be defined with a different criteria in other states, there’s plenty of them.

Wait. Exactly what is a redneck anyways? Well, according to the formal bible of literature, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a redneck is

“A white person whom lives in a little city or in the united states specially within the southern U.S., whom typically has a working-class task, and who’s seen by others to be uneducated and having viewpoints and attitudes being offensive.”

Plus, we thought then include a stereotypes that are few? Cause, you understand, rednecks want to hunt, fish, beverage, smoke and sh t things. And shop at Walmart.

Using that requirements, it is not hard to scrape online, run some scientific data on where the most users for the Jersey redneck family tree many live that is likely.

Because, the info never lies, does it?

Read on below to see where your town ranked.

Just What redneck criteria did we use?

To be able to rank probably the most redneck cities in Jersey, we’d to find out exactly what requirements makes a redneck.

We threw plenty of requirements at this one in order to get the best, most complete results feasible. Using Yelp and G gle Maps, this is the requirements we utilized

The dictionary definition categories

  • Little towns
  • Least quantity of high sch l graduates

And the categories that are stereotypical

  • Number of bars per city
  • Amount of mobile house parks per capita
  • Range tobacco stores per city
  • Quantity of places to obtain fishing gear
  • Number of firearms and ammo stores per town
  • Walmarts, Golden Corrals, Bass Pro Shops, and Dollar Generals nearby

Note in the interests of getting dependable numbers, we counted places in just a city’s border, as well as within a quick driving distance.

Editor’s note We heard from a few people that Atco, NJ should here be on. We agreed, however, Atco, and other necky places like it are townships, and now we didn’t measure townships. Seems like we must have though.

1. Vineland

Populace 60,610High sch l graduation price 72%Gun shops per capita twenty-first in JerseyTobacco shops per capita 24thBars per capita nineteenth

Wh -whee, Vineland! You’ve got the bragging that is official as being named probably the most redneck city within the entire state of New Jersey. You may now brag to friends and share this endlessly on your own Faceb k walls.

Let’s realise why. First, Vineland has one of the graduation rates that are lowest into the state. Plus it’s two-thirds white. Because it’s by far the largest town with this list, plus it’s considered section of just what a large amount of Jersey residents call the ‘Alabama part’ of south Jersey, it certain l ks like a convincing win for Vineland.

This destination is merely crawling with rednecks.

Get forth and prosper young Jersey necks. Vineland’s a callin’.

2. Bridgeton

Population 25,252High college graduation rate 54%Gun shops per capita 24th in the stateTobacco stores per capita seventeenth

Way down in Cumberland County could be the redneck enclave of Bridgeton. In fact, you’re not likely gonna be amazed that a lot of of the populous towns and cities on this list come in South Jersey. Damn Pineys.

You’re a redneck if you live in South Jersey, that doesn’t mean. This means you reside near many rednecks, and it’s likely that a complete large amount of friends and neighbors are component neck.

Don’t be astonished to see plenty of big trucks with either a confederate flag or an Eagles flag (or both) in tow down here.

Consider folks of Bridgeton. A bit more than 1 / 2 of you graduated from senior high sch l. If a lot more of you’d gone down sh tin guns and gettin’ stuck in the mud on Monday mornings as opposed to learning, you dudes might have won this thing that is whole.

Maybe year that is next.

3. Millville

Population 28,438High college graduation rate 76%Walmart rank 14th in Jersey

It’s not quite clear if there are 15 or 20 of them, but you can be sure, rednecks here have a ton of options when it comes to the finer things in life when you combine the number of Walmarts and Dollar Stores in the Vineland-Millville metro area.

What’s more redneck than price comparing at discount stores? Whenever Dollar Tree is outta pink flamingoes, simply head on down to Family Dollar.

There just is no reason for turning up to a South Jersey possum roast empty handed.

4. W dbury

Population 10,187Mobile house park rank 15thChew element 15Bars per capita 12th in Jersey

Right throughout the river from the Philadelphia airport terminal is the valuable hyperlink little redneck city of W dbury. Whenever you glance at the data, you are able to inform why a lot of necks call this destination home.

You will find quite a few mobile house areas in your community, and W dbury has one of the highest number of pubs per capita in the state. This means a lot of rednecks are coming house plowed from the bars, getting a few Busch Lights and watching the planes land from their trailer park porches.

You can see W dbury whenever you’re landing at PIA. That really must be a serious sight.

5. Hammonton

Populace 14,745High college graduation rate 78%Gun stores per capita 12th in NJChew factor 17

Well you ain’t runnin’ out of smokes and chew in Hammonton, that’s fer sure. The amount of tobacco stores in the area – what we call the ‘chew factor’ – may be the highest that is 17th the state.

This area happens to be described as ghetto into the forests by people. Whether or not it’s ‘ghetto’ isn’t our goal here today. You could realise why necks just here love it. It’s at the base associated with Wharton State Forest, where anyone with a pulse can sh t at deer, turkey, squirrels, rabbits, fish, dragonflies, each other…

Simply l k out fer chiggers and ticks. And that wascally Jersey devil!

6. Hackettstown

Population 9,743Walmart rank shops that are 15thFishing/bait capita 14th in NJHigh college graduation rate 80%

Hackettstown is probably the city that is only this list that’s really close to plenty of individuals. Positioned in main Jersey about two beers (or five) outside of Newark, you might phone them the rednecks with paychecks.

There are lots of necky things here, such as for example places to get fishing bait and inexpensive groceries. Also it’s fairly close towards the hills. The majority of the rednecks who live here are many city that is likely with the newest Fords and Chevys who simply take their loved ones out on long trips into the wilderness within the weekends.

Nonetheless they still drink Busch Light.