Unlike others, ConsCallHome has actively worked with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over many years to finish the improper blocking of inmate telephone calls.

Unlike others, ConsCallHome has actively worked with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over many years to finish the improper blocking of inmate telephone calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can ConsCallHome numbers be obstructed?

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No. On September 26 th of 2013, the FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau denied WC Docket No. 09-144, making it clear that jail phone providers cannot block ConsCallHome calls as a result of ‘security’ issues or simply because they feel that ConsCallHome struggles to provide secure phone lines under FCC regulations.

The ruling through the FCC that has been adopted on September 26, 2013, states that blocking the calls of ConsCallHome customers isn’t permitted. More info on why ConsCallHome figures can not be obstructed is found [HERE].

What is a ConsCallHome phone line?

ConsCallHome has the capacity to supply you with a protected phone number that provides the cheapest price for the loved one’s facility. Prison phone providers are completely conscious of how exactly to charge the money that is most for phone calls and without our solution you’ll pay unneccesary high telephone costs. We could assist you find the telephone quantity that will provide cheapest rates for the cherished one’s center.

With a ConsCallHome quantity, your inmate should be able to phone you at most affordable rates possible and will avoid paying inflated telephone prices. What this means is more savings for you personally and much more money in to your inmates account that is commissary.

How much do I save by having a Federal Prison?

The Bureau of Prisons charges 23Вў a moment for many distance that is long and just 6Вў a minute for neighborh d calls. We could supply the certain number that is local the facility reducing your cost.. It is g d to bear in mind simply having the same area rule while the center will not allows provide a local number nonetheless ConsCallHome has the capacity to give you the particular local number that will make fully sure your cost is 6Вў a minute rather than 23Вў.

Note Federal prisons allow 300 mins a month. With ConsCallHome, the cost for 300 mins will drop from $69 to just $18.

Can I spend less if my inmate is in a Federal Prison?

Yes you can. We merely give a secure cell phone number that will offer the cheapest rates at your beloved’s Federal facility. You will now only pay 6Вў per minute with ConsCallHome if you are paying 23Вў withour our services.

The inmate must put your number on the call list after you are given a new number for your loved one’s Federal Facility. Once it is in the approved list, the inmate can dial the quantity and you can begin saving cash.

How much can I save yourself on inmate telephone calls?

The savings change from state-to-state and also from facility-to-facility. These are typically determined by simply how much the jail phone provider prices for calls. The savings are generally between 30-80%.

Note Many facilities require establishing a prepaid account with the prison phone provider before starting getting telephone calls from your own family member.

Does ConsCallHome offer unlimited calling plans?

We don’t provide a plan that is unlimited since they don’t really occur. Here’s why Most limitless plans offered today aren’t really limitless at all. Take a g d l k at the fine print of the organizations who offer ‘unlimited plans’. You will discover a few of them base your minutes for an average of exactly what 95% of these customers use month-to-month. In the event that you l k at the typical on their ‘unlimited plans’ you will pay quite high each and every minute charges.

Some companies whom provide unlimited plans average out the price for everybody, therefore you are paying the same as those who use 1000 minutes a month if you only speak 100 minutes a month. We wish one escort in Santa Clara CA to have the choice of the plan that fits your preferences best and with ConsCallHome there are not any fees that are hidden.