Most utilized their canteen cups, which nested from the bottom of just one Qt. canteens in the canvas or nylon cover attached with internet gear or ruck sacks, or even the real cans that C rations were canned.

Most utilized their canteen cups, which nested from the bottom of just one Qt. canteens in the canvas or nylon cover attached with internet gear or ruck sacks, or even the real cans that C rations were canned.

Potable water ( without iodine pills blended) ended up being hard to get on the go. It absolutely was usually given by water trailer or expansive bladders from helicopters (called water buffaloes) since they were rubber that is black and added to a Gerry built wood stand enclosed by sandbags to stop shrapnel or little hands fire from penetrating and emptying the water.

a b -1-a unit had been the tops……tobasco had been the best….didn’t have time that is much prepare when you look at the 4th inf ….but there had been times !

liked having the ham and eggs or beanie weenies pound cake with a melted John Wayne club over it had been heaven crackers had been actually cool l thought…. l drove a 5 ton dump and hot dishes for all of us from the manifold a hot will of SOS in your stomach goes a way that is long boosting your spirits. l would purchase and eat them if someone was to make ’em… today. In the unusual event once we got a new bag meal sandwich some kinda fresh fruit and a couple of boiled eggs it had been egg salad time exactly what a treet….

yes crissie it had been a mess kit one part flat other part had two compartments and you also had silverware so to speak. Many had been tossed while you were walking around compared to the rattle of the utensils in your mess kit because they didn’t want to clean them or carry the extra bulk in favor of the canteen cup which fit around the canteen and in the pouch plus it made no noise…

I take advantage of to just simply take chip BBQ beef and slice the lid open, set the lid straight right straight back on the top, place the can right right back within the package and light it on fire. Hot BBQ beef.

Beans an winnies the best….ham and eggs always green no real way i would consume it.

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The 4 dishes i recall are 1- sliced ham and eggs 2 beans that are wieners 3- ham and lima beans 4- beefsteak and potatoes. The final two i really couldn`t eat and additionally they discovered botulism when you look at the beans and I also nearly starved . managed to make it somehow

Starting a claymore , simply take a ball of c 4, light it as well as heat a canteen cup water plus it supplied you with fast heated water or c rations. following this became the method of doing it. Blocks of c 4 started initially to be available, this spared claymores. I am aware temperature tabs had been around but c4 burned hot and fast.

I did so that too but We wondered often if your 7.62 round could ignite it. Just exactly exactly What you think?

It? Army explosives? Army explosives are created to proceed through combat. They’re not any whenever near as delicate as civilian explosives. George Newport dirt and dynamite vendor overcome Engineer

We might simply take the white bread can start a little gap over a ball of C-4 to instantly steam it…open the can cut the bread add peanut butter and jelly, and wow warm peanut butter and jelly sandwich on hot bread in it and put a few drops of water in it…hold it. Marines were perhaps perhaps not cooks that are great nevertheless they had been inventive.

wished I’d known that neat means of PBJ. I’d get an onion from FSB mess chop and tent them up into whatever meat I became consuming, thank god LURPs became widely accessible for the second 1 / 2 of my tour because We just couldn’t stomach C’s except that the good fresh fresh fresh fruit.


Therefore cool, I really like your post, i will be from Vietnam


We have great memories of C-Rations. My dad was at the Korean War and war in Vietnam, nearby the end of his 20 12 months service that is military the united states Army. We’ve a picture that is great of dad, bro and I also with this pup tent arranged in the backyard cooking C-Rations to my dads tiny portable 1 can prepare kitchen stove. They were taken by us camping, my sibling desired corn dogs, that your bears consumed as they passed thru our camp. Yes needless to say the .

Into the aviation community we’d take a might of biscuits, poke holes inside it, pour some JP4 into it, and voila – a kitchen stove!! It woul warm a number of c-rats.

Old Aquatic. In Vietnam I happened to be with Regional and Popular Force troops in Rung Sat Special Zone (450 sq miles of mangrove). My Vietnamese would offer me Killeen escort a rice ball, or perhaps a salted and cooked ballof chicken, or some fish with Nuoc Maum – often we carried a can of chili once I could easily get it in the PX in Saigon. Food ended up being of additional value. Water had been critical. I’d start off with a half gallon portable bladder and it also had been gone by afternoon. I happened to be at least fat then. It is possible to live a very long time on only water, therefore I try not to remember being hungry. I actually do recall being thirsty.

Semper Fi cousin