Resources and materials from NotAlone are now accessible on ChangingOurCampus , An resource that is online supported by the Office on Violence Against Women.

Resources and materials from NotAlone are now accessible on ChangingOurCampus , An resource that is online supported by the Office on Violence Against Women.

Protecting Students from Sexual Assault

Some NotAlone resources are also available below, under Resources.

Sexual assault, domestic physical violence, dating violence, and stalking are serious problems on college and university campuses adultdatingwebsites does work. OVW’s Campus Program honors grants to organizations of advanced sch ling to greatly help create effective, comprehensive, and sustainable strategies to prevent and react to these crimes. The Campus Program’s formal name is Grants to Reduce Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and Stalking on Campus. It really is authorized by the Violence Against Women Act and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005 and subsequent legislation.

Campus Give Program

OVW’s Campus Program supports organizations of advanced sch ling in adopting comprehensive reactions to intimate assault, domestic physical violence, dating violence, and stalking. Since 1999, the system has awarded more than $131 million in grants. In financial 12 months 2016, the program funded 45 jobs, totaling more than $15 million. Start to see the range of awards.

This program offers grants to strengthen culturally appropriate and survivor-centered approaches, offer on-campus victim solutions and advocacy, foster community participation, and enhance protection and research. These tasks improve avoidance regarding the crimes and also have been found to increase intervention by bystanders to stop or avoid violence that is sexual. 6

Campus Climate Studies

Campus weather studies are essential since they generate information in the nature and level of sexual attack on campuses, along with campus attitudes surrounding intimate assault. Armed with accurate information, administrators and students may then begin to direct resources where they have been many needed. Both the White home Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault while the Department of Education’s workplace for Civil Rights have actually identified campus climate surveys as recommendations.

OVW’s Student Action Packet was created to assist students navigate the complexities of conducting a campus climate survey on sexual attack at their own university. Those items in the Packet give pupils resources to help them effectively engage with their university’s administration.

Download the complete pupil action packet [PDF] as one product or download each piece independently

  • FAQs developed in response to concerns submitted by student advocates
  • Talking Points to help pupils comprehend and communicate about climate surveys
  • A Peer’s Perspective on Campus Climate Surveys — an interview with a learning pupil about campus weather surveys
  • Administrators’ Perspective on Campus Climate Surveys — Two interviews with administrators
    • Interview 1 with Jaime Nolan , University of the latest Hampshire
    • Interview 2 with Dr. Felicia McGinty , Rutgers University
  • CCSVS Fact Sheet regarding the Campus Climate Survey Validation Research

OVW has also developed an Administrator Information Packet to steer university and college administrators through the process of developing and implementing a campus weather survey on campus intimate assault.

In addition to the documents in the list above, the Administrator Ideas Packet includes

For questions regarding campus climate surveys or the learning Student Action Packet, contact ovw.campus.surveys@usdoj , (202) 307-6026



Sexual Misconduct Policies Sample Language for Colleges & Universities

Colleges & Universities

Campus Climate Surveys

Prevention Resources

  • Bystander-Focused Prevention of Sexual Violence, Office on Violence Against ladies, 2014 [PDF]
  • Developing Prevention Programming Strategic preparing for Campuses, workplace on Violence Against Women, 2014 [PDF]
  • Intimate Violence Prevention Strategies, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Preventing Sexual Violence on College Campuses classes from Research and Practice , Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, 2014
  • AVOID SV A Technical Package to stop Sexual Violence, Centers for infection Control and Prevention [PDF]
  • A Review that is systematic of Prevention approaches for Sexual Violence Perpetration, by Sarah DeGue, in Aggression and Violent Behavior, 2014

Technical Assistance

OVW’s Technical Assistance Program offers grantees evidence-based models and promising practices to meet up the difficulties of preventing domestic physical violence, intimate attack, dating physical violence, and stalking on campus.

Technical support resources specific to campus grantees are down the page. Visit TA2TA for the centralized set of all training and technical help tasks.