How exactly to Outsmart eHarmony. I’d forgotten how much work goes into internet dating.

How exactly to Outsmart eHarmony. I’d forgotten how much work goes into internet dating.

sorry Dennis, I’m with Kat about this one. I am in E-Harm as well (and likely to try out your theory Kat *fingers crossed*) and have always been 5’10” tall (6’1″ in heels). They require giving matches which can be anywhere from 5’6″ to 5’9″. We truly don’t need any help feeling as an amazon girl although I have ‘lowered’ my height requirement to 5’10”, I refuse to date anyone shorter as I tower over my date, so.

We don’t think Kat’s 5’10”. But, we might be wrong.

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Ya know, i will be kinda wondering now just how high this woman is. Because just just how shallow i do believe she actually is will probably be influenced by her real height.

For the record, I’m sure ladies who want their dudes become at the least a foot taller. Now THAT’s ridiculous, if you ask me personally.

I have the problem that is opposite I’m 6’3″, and eharmony keeps matching me up with females 4’11”-5’3″. Sorry.. I’m dealing with the main point where lower back and neck pain certainly are a real concern. Genuinely, I’ve had more luck utilizing the “near skip” matches. Therefore, Grey: where can you live? perhaps e-harm will match us up one LOL day.

I’m 5’11” and single if anyone is interested :p

Where’s a “like” switch if you want one?

Settings Sharing, scroll right down to the underside, check “Comment loves take for several remark.”

Somehow, I’m nevertheless subscribed to the thread….

Haha, fine good to understand! I’m always surprised that anyone is still scanning this thread, not to mention nevertheless subscribed to it

Kat, you are loved by me!! Haha you seem like an enjoyable date. I’m 5’10 dark locks, eyes, muscular create, Italian and wealthy, let’s carry on a romantic date!

LOL- Why many thanks– but are you in Philly? That’s my brand new guideline

simply read this article. Many thanks a great deal. I will be getting tired getting arranged with males that simply aren’t my kind. I am made by it thing my character test had been all wrong.

Yeah, those character tests are hogwash I think.

Well, to be honest, you wouldn’t understand what their characters are just like as you straight away discount the guys in relation to their height…..

I happened to be reading my web log subscriptions Kat, over at After I Quit My Day Job, posted about outsmarting the er, challenged, peeps over at E-Harmony today. Her concept ended up being that when

I must trust Kat at this time. Yes, in certain respects it really is superficial. However you need to consider it in this manner. You more than others when you look at a room full of people, there are certain things that attract. For instance, blondes, butts, green eyes. Height is simply those types of things. For Kat to express I am looking for blonde women that she is only looking for tall men, is no different than saying. Physically, i will be in search of Prince Charming… but don’t inform my hubby.

Haha! Right! Many thanks. Appears like the women are outnumbering you with this one, Dennis 😛

Kat, as someone since you’re unfairly blocking a large portion of potentially great matches, then complaining about it 5’6 I want to tell you how shallow hurtful you comments are–not just to non-tall men, but to yourself. Women insisting on males much taller than they truly are. It really is no different than if I guy would insist upon females with big boobs. We suspect you’d be the first to ever realize that shallow, so please think over the standard that is double. Your remarks about maybe not requesting someone with particular party skills are ironic, because an individual can learn how to dance. They can’t alter their height.

I’ve dated lots of little & smallish dudes & some high ones too. I’ve no concept exactly exactly what this desire for height is about. I’m 5’3″ & one boyfriend had been certainly my height & we fit together great & he had been sexy & manly. We “towered” over him in heels, but whom the hell cares? I’m secure sufficient to be taller & more substantial than my man. All that testosterone makes guys so strong, to allow them to constantly carry a lady up & state ur light as a feather…and is not that all that counts? My guy that is littlest been crazy, but that is completely unrelated problem!

The dancing was found by me comment extremely ironic as well.. Lol. I’d recognize that requirement a great deal more. Well Greg, there’s a good reason this woman continues to be single…. It’s her loss.

Many Thanks, Grey Goose

In terms of your observation Dennis… I’m not receiving superficial; We have for ages been superficial in relation to this matter that is particular. (my cousin offers me a hard time about this too.) I’m not exactly 5’10” but I’m at least that in heels (and seeing I might as well be) as I wear heels on nine of out of ten dates,.

Additionally, my father is a base taller than my mom, thus I am genetically predisposed to believe this type of height variance is not just normal but desirable (my parents need been hitched for 29 years the following month)!

Now I’m maybe not stating that height determines joy, however it does (at the very least in my own instance) determine sexiness. Through which after all their education to that we feel sexy on a night out together. Once I find myself towering over somebody, its as though I’m back twelfth grade once again, dancing when you look at the straight back line because I became always too tall to face in the front! And who would like to be reminded of how embarrassing these were in twelfth grade?

It is maybe perhaps not a question to be outnumbered or outvoted right here. If y’all are willing to admit that you’re superficial, reasonable sufficient.

Simply don’t whine when dudes do the exact same thing….

AMEN SISTER! As a fellow 5’9″ fabulous female we state ask for what you prefer! Our company is permitted to have preferences for any other components of our everyday lives. You will want to this? Why is height any not the same as spiritual choice, location, education, or some of the other crazy concerns on record. Provide me personally a break Dennis…are you prepared to date anyone? I’m certain you probably have your “shallow” preferences someplace aswell. Here is the globe we are now living in. Online relationship is mostly about putting individuals into groups. Deal us as well) are willing to be straight up about it with it… At least Kat (and many others of.

Yes, i actually do make an effort to keep a available brain, really.

Like we said, however, in the event that you wanna be superficial, get appropriate ahead. Just don’t put guys up to a double-standard and begin calling us superficial or getting frustrated when we judge you women for only as trivial characteristics.

Regardless, the only explanation I told Kat her attitude bothers me is really because we compose together on a bunch web log that supposedly attempts to be not very superficial.

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